Our Kombis

Introducing our Kombis!

The first five in a growing fleet.


Ziggy is a 1979 VW Kombi that has quickly become part of our family. Ziggy was purchased in Tasmania where he was given a lot of TLC for several months before making the long journey across Bass Strait to Victoria on the Spirit of Tasmania. He’s an eight seater so is great for larger groups.


Josie is a 1956 VW Split Window Kombi and has recently had a full 12 month restoration. She is the envy of car enthusiasts and Kombi romantics alike. Extremely photogenic she can be spotted in wedding photos, glossy magazines and the odd commercial. Perfect for special events, photo shoots and advertising.


Gidget is a former Australian Army vehicle from the ACT having been born directly into service in 1977. It didn’t take long for us to get her out of her fatigues and into some more respectable civilian clothes. She was finished late in 2014 and looks like Ziggy’s twin.

Name Me?

This beautiful 11 window 1955 Kombi was found in Queensland. We carefully relocated her and awaits a full makeover. I have a sneaking suspicion she/he will want to look just like her/his siblings. She will be our oldest and is due for completion in 2018.

Name Me?

We recently picked up this 1957 Kombi from NSW. It’s amazing to think that Josie looked just like this when we bought her. Scheduled to be finished alongside the 1955 in 2018.